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What Causes Furnace Leaks?


As we approach the cold winter season, you will need to fire up your furnace more often to warm your house. Nothing can be as frustrating as having a major furnace problem in the dead of winter. One of the likely challenges you may encounter with your furnace is leaking water. A furnace leaking water will stall the entire HVAC system, thereby prompting you to call the experts for comprehensive repairs. Here are some of the probable reasons why your furnace may be leaking.

Excessive Condensation

As the furnace is cooling down, condensation may accumulate on the colder parts. These tiny water droplets will then drop to the bottom of the furnace. Over time, the water will collect in tiny pools, giving you an impression of a leaking furnace. When your furnace is leaking because of condensation, chances are that the condensation tube designed to remove the moisture is clogged or has malfunctioned.

The Humidifier

The built-in humidifier that is connected to the plumbing in your home could also be the culprit, leading to leakage from your furnace. When the humidifier pipe is clogged as a result of debris in the pipework, it can cause water pressure to build up and consequently leak from the weak joints. A tiny crack on the humidifier pipe could also gradually widen, causing the furnace to start leaking water. The most likely fix to such a problem is removing and replacing the faulty humidifier pipe.

The Heat Exchanger

A malfunctioning heat exchanger is another likely source of furnace leaks in your home. An aging heat exchanger in your HVAC system could have accumulated cracks on the pipes that then leak water onto the furnace. Such aging-related leaks need prompt maintenance to protect the furnace from further damage.

Having a leaking furnace can be a nightmare. It is virtually impossible to apply DIY techniques to resolve such a problem. Whenever you spot a leaking furnace, you should call the experts for comprehensive professional repairs. At Aspinwall Plumbing and Heating, we specialize in providing plumbing, heating and air conditioning services in the greater Boston and South Shore areas of Massachusetts. Contact us today for furnace installation, maintenance and repairs.

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