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Tips for Avoiding Plumbing Problems In the Winter


During the winter season, pipes that are exposed to cold temperatures are at a higher risk of cracking or shattering. If water is present in a broken or damaged pipe it could spill freely into your basement or other parts of your home. Therefore, it is important to take action now to prevent pipe issues during the cold season.

Use Fiberglass or Foam to Insulate the Pipes

Pipes that are insulated tend to stay warmer than those that are not encased in a foam or fiberglass sleeve. Therefore, the water that flows through them is less likely to freeze and expand, which is the leading cause of pipe damage. The folks at Aspinwall Plumbing in Quincy, MA, may be able to insulate your home’s pipes or take other steps to prevent them from cracking or fracturing.

Add Insulation to Your Home’s Basement or Attic

Insulating a basement or attic may help to regulate its temperature throughout the late fall and winter months. Generally speaking, pipes located in these parts of the home are most likely to freeze because they tend to be exposed to consistently cold temperatures. You might also want to put a space heater in these parts of your home to keep them warm during periods of extremely cold weather.

Maintain Consistent Water and Air Flow

In some cases, simply keeping a kitchen cabinet door open and letting the water drip from a faucet is enough to avoid pipe issues. Keeping doors open allows for greater air flow while allowing the faucet to stay on ensures that water won’t collect and freeze in any particular location.

If you need help getting pipes or other plumbing components ready for winter, give the folks at Aspinwall Plumbing a call today! We have 50 years of experience in Quincy, MA, and all of our installations come with a five-year warranty. We can also help improve your home’s indoor air quality, install a new fireplace or maintain your home’s heating and cooling systems.

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