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Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner After Summer?


Once you’re done using your air conditioner for the year, it may be tempting to put a cover on it. The outdoor condenser unit seems vulnerable to weather, after all. Should you put a cover on it?

In the Fall

While you may think you need a cover on your air conditioner in the winter, it’s only in the fall it’s a good idea. Your outside AC unit can withstand rain and snow. However, it’s not able to keep out seeds, nuts and leaves. You should cover your unit in the fall when plant matter gets blown out of trees and can collect inside the unit. This will help it last longer and operate more efficiently. The cover should only be on top of the air conditioner unit, not down its sides.

Rain and Snow

Trying to protect your unit from rain and snow is not a reason to cover it in the winter. It doesn’t need to be protected from rain, snow and freezing temperatures as it’s designed for those conditions. A cover won’t eliminate moisture, because even with a cover, moisture will collect in your air conditioner over the winter months. Further, a cover will trap moisture, which can lead to mold growth.

Rodent Protection

A cover will not prevent rodents from nesting in your unit. In fact, a cover may encourage small animals to set up home in your air conditioner. Mice and other rodents can get through or around a cover as they can enter very small spaces. The cover will provide them a spot that is more comfortable than being out in the elements.

Dirt Protection

You don’t need a cover to keep dirt and dust out of your air conditioner. Any dirt and dust inside it will wash away whenever it rains.

Aspinwall Plumbing and Heating can help your air conditioning system make it through the fall and winter. We install, maintain and repair air conditioners and heaters. Please call today to find out more about our services.

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