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Affordable Boiler Repair & Installation in Quincy

At Aspinwall Plumbing and Heating, we know a thing or two about boiler service. Our family has been serving Greater Boston and South Shore homeowners like you since 1972. In that time, we’ve worked on just about every type of heating system.

Your comfort is our number one priority, so we understand it’s an emergency when your boiler stops heating your home. Our professionals are available 24/7 for boiler repair in Quincy, MA.

When it’s time for a new boiler, installation costs might be more affordable than you think. When you’re getting a free quote, don’t forget to ask us about our special offers and financing for qualified customers.

Our family has been offering affordable, fair and expert service for more than 50 years. As one of the area’s top boiler repair companies, we look forward to serving your family however we can. Give us a call at (617) 539-7672 to schedule your appointment now.

Enjoy Ultimate Peace of Mind With Aspinwall’s Membership Program

To make sure your HVAC system receives the very best care, sign up for our Membership Program. With multiple annual maintenance visits, you can lower utility bills and extend your equipment’s lifespan. You’ll also enjoy other benefits like discounts on services, comprehensive maintenance recommendations and much more!

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    All services come with a warranty for peace of mind.
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Should I Repair or Replace My Boiler?

It can be hard to figure out the best time to replace your boiler. These three tips can make the process easier:

How old is your boiler? A well-maintained boiler can last 15 years or longer. When yours starts to get close to that age, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it.

How expensive are repairs? If repairs are more than half the cost of a new boiler, we recommend replacing it.

Is your boiler reliable? Needing boiler repair every now and then should be expected. But if you’re calling us more and more often for repair services, you might want to talk with us about a getting a new boiler.

5 Signs You Need Boiler Repair

1. Cold House

You might be dealing with a circulation issue if your heating system takes normal than longer to reach your desired temperature. Repair or replacement depends on the problem and your boiler’s age. If your boiler is old, it might be better to replace it.

2. Strange Sounds

It’s normal for your boiler to make some noise as it heats your home. But some sounds, like rumbling or rattling, are a sign something’s wrong. This can be caused by sediment buildup in the tank, which can make your boiler less efficient. Or it can be due to a malfunctioning circulating pump.

3. Weird Smells

If your boiler smells off, it’s a sign there’s a serious problem. Some of the most common smells include:

  • Burning plastic—electrical issue. Turn off your boiler and call us.
  • Rotten eggs—natural gas leak. Turn off the gas to your boiler. If your carbon monoxide alarm is going off, leave your home and call the gas company. Then give us a call.

4. Leaky Boiler

Your boiler shouldn’t ever leak water. If it does, don’t ignore the leak.

5. Expensive Heating Bills

Your boiler loses energy efficiency as it ages, especially if you skip routine boiler maintenance. But a sudden increase in heating costs can be a sign that something is wrong.

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Helping You Secure Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps

A new heat pump is a great way to enjoy energy-efficient, environmentally friendly comfort. We’re partnering with Mass Save® to help homeowners earn valuable whole-home or partial-home rebates for up to $10,000 on eligible Mitsubishi Heat Pumps. Terms and Conditions apply.

Benefits of Boiler Installation

We proudly install energy-efficient Navien gas boilers. Here are just a few benefits of adding one to your home:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified. Navien boiler systems boast the highest energy efficiency in the industry, up to 95% AFUE. This rating measures how effective the boiler is at turning fuel into heat.
  • Smart features. With the optional NaviLink™ feature, you can control your boiler from just about anywhere with your phone.
  • Space-saving design. Navien boilers are installed on the wall, which takes up about 80% less space than traditional floor-standing boilers.
  • Quiet heating. Since Navien boilers are so quiet, you have more flexibility over installation location. You won’t have to worry about heating noise interfering with your media or rec room.
  • Backed by the industry’s strongest warranty. Navien boilers include a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

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