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Gas vs Electric Fireplaces


A fireplace can be an effective tool for keeping your home warm during the winter months. Whether you choose to power your fireplace with gas or electricity depends on your preferences, budget and if a gas line is available.

Electric Fireplaces Can Be Ideal for Smaller Rooms

If you are simply looking for a way to heat a living room, guest bedroom or finished attic, an electric fireplace may be worth buying. All you need to do is find the right spot for it, plug it into the wall and turn it on. In a matter of minutes, you will start to feel warm air radiating from the device. As electric fireplaces don’t transmit as much heat, you can feel confident putting them in your child’s room without worrying about them getting hurt.

Gas Fireplaces Are Ideal for Those Who Want Maximum Heat

Generally speaking, gas fireplaces generate more heat because they create an actual flame within the fireplace. They can either attach directly to an existing gas line or through a propane tank that connects to the fireplace.

The folks at Aspinwall Plumbing in Quincy can handle the entire process of installing a gas fireplace in your home. We will also be able to inspect or maintain your new fireplace after it has been installed in your home.

Gas Fireplaces Add Style to a Home

Having a gas fireplace installed in your home may add a touch of class and sophistication to your property. This may help to increase its value and make it easier to sell when you decide to put it on the market. Furthermore, gas fireplaces tend to be energy efficient, which can be another selling point in your favor.

If you are looking to make your house more comfortable, call Aspinwall Plumbing in Quincy, MA, to learn more about installing a new fireplace. We can also repair air conditioners, inspect your furnace and take other steps to ensure that your home is clean, comfortable and efficient.

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