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3 Easy Ways to Achieve Greater Energy Efficiency


In our busy daily routine, we sometimes practice behaviors that are not the most efficient in terms of energy consumption. In other cases, our behaviors may not necessarily be wasteful, but tweaking them slightly could improve energy efficiency considerably. The good news is that with some conscious effort we can make small changes that mean significant energy savings. This will have the benefit of reducing our utility bills while being more environmentally friendly.

Some changes we can make fall into the category of simple things we could start doing immediately. Others are easy cost-reducing improvements we can implement with the help of an expert. Here are three easy ways to be more energy efficient in your home.

1. Use Sunlight Appropriately

If your house gets a lot of sunlight during the day, you can modulate the temperature effects it has on your home. In the hot months of summer, try keeping the shades and drapes closed to avoid having your air conditioning unit operate continually and intensely to keep your space cool. In the winter, let the sun in to help keep your home a few degrees warmer.

2. Use Cold Water When Possible

Apply simple yet practical changes in your kitchen and bathroom in order to save energy. Washing your clothes in cold water is something you can apply immediately. Most of the energy consumption of a washing machine goes toward heating water.

Sometimes, we turn on the warm water faucet even though we don’t need hot water. Use the cold faucet unless what you are doing in the kitchen sink really requires hot water.

3. Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is an easy way to skyrocket your energy efficiency. It will help you save energy when you’re not home and provide you with a comfortable environment when you return.

If you are in the Quincy area, contact Aspinwall today about installing a smart thermostat. Our technicians perform a complete range of heating, plumbing, air purification, and fireplace services.

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