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Why Are My Plumbing Pipes Making Noise?


If you have noisy pipes, pay attention to the sounds you’re hearing. They’ll give you a good clue on what the problem is. Some sounds you can safely ignore as they’re normal. However, others can indicate a serious plumbing issue.


Banging noises typically indicate your pipes have a water pressure or water flow problem. If you shut off a faucet and suddenly hear a noise like a hammer, it’s because water under high-pressure slammed into the shutoff valve. Banging can also result from air getting trapped in your pipes.

A banging sound means you need to contact a plumber. Aspinwall Plumbing and Heating of Quincy, MA, can help you with any plumbing problem you’re having.


Pipes are fastened to walls, floors and ceilings. When a fastener comes loose, the result is a rattling sound whenever water passes through the pipe. You might need to hire a plumber to find the loose section of pipe and refasten it.


A whistling sound when you open a faucet likely means one of the small components in your plumbing system has broken. This most commonly occurs with washers in the plumbing located near your washing machine or dishwasher.


You may hear a gurgling sound when a pipe isn’t able to drain properly. This sound is an indication that there’s a clog in your pipes that is restricting the flow of the water. You should contact a plumber to perform a professional drain cleaning.


If the water pressure is too high for your plumbing system, it causes the pipes to vibrate. This creates a humming noise, which is especially pronounced when water is being used. A plumber can test the water pressure and reduce it as needed.

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