Aspinwall Plumbing is a service organization that can handle all aspects of your mechanical needs.  We have licensed plumbers, heat pump technicians, HVAC technicians, a sales staff, office personnel to answer questions, and a licensed mechanical engineer each with numerous years of experience in the Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning fields.

Aspinwall has recently added a Heat Pump Services division, which includes numerous highly skilled Heat Pump Technicians.  We have service agreements, routine maintenance plans, in-house shop repairs, compressor replacements, etc.   If you have a Heat Pump System in your home, please call us for service.  We also have a sales staff that can visit your home to offer solutions for equipment upgrades or system replacements.

We believe the customer should be 100% satisfied once our job is complete.  If for some reason you have questions on service or an installation that we have performed, please do not hesitate to call – we appreciate your comments.

723 Washington Street - Quincy, MA 02169 - (617) 472-8265 - Fax: (617) 471-1301
Below is a list of current projects we are working on:

Purchase Street - Brazillian Counsulate

We are performing the HVAC work for the Brazillian Counsulate, installing numerous independent systems.  The project is utilizing an Energy Recovery System to exhaust all bathroom air and introduce fresh air into the building.

Toscano Restaurant - Cambridge - 2nd Location

We are working direclty with the owners to help with all plumbing and HVAC needs on the project.  We are designing and installing all mechanical systems, including a new kitchen exhaust system complete with self cleaning hoods and self cleaning grease traps.

Temple Beth EL - Quincy

We are working with the owners to develop a complete overhaul of their existing boiler plant and HVAC systems.  We have been hired to perform the work and facilitate rebates with the gas company to ensure proper rebates are applied to the project.